The Dangers of Public WiFi – And Crazy Things People Do To Use It

This WiFi experiment shows the possible dangers associated with clickwrap agreements as parents sign away their first-born child. The proliferation of clickwrap agreements means that people pay little attention to what is actually written in the terms and conditions of the contract, knowing that they cannot negotiate better terms. In return, people accept terms and conditions that are not in their favour.

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Would you give up your firstborn child or favorite pet to use free WiFi? Of course not. Sounds crazy, right? But in an independent investigation conducted on behalf of F-Secure, several people agreed to do just that – just to be able to instantly, freely connect to the Internet while on the go.

For the experiment, we asked Finn Steglich of the German penetration testing company, SySS, to build a WiFi hotspot, take it out on the streets of London, and set it up and wait for folks to connect. The purpose? To find out how readily people would connect to an unknown WiFi hotspot. (You can view our complete report, see the video and listen to the podcast below.)

Thing is, public hotspots are insecure. Public WiFi simply wasn’t built with 21st century security demands in mind. When you use public WiFi without any added security measures, you…

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