Trump & Twitter: Will it ever end?


After the recent “arms race” debacle on Twitter, it’s anyone’s guess why Trump is allowed to run his own Twitter account. It makes absolutely no sense. The days of tweeting about Rosie O’Donnell are long gone. Now every Tweet, regardless of its significance, is micro-analyzed. At a keystroke, he can set-off a chain of events.

The Tweets appear to be written by him, almost always impulsively. Someone needs to come between him and his Twitter account. Maybe Ivanka? Slate is basically calling her America’s real First Lady.


The significance of Trump’s Twitter account can be seen on the world stage. Before the United Nations vote regarding Israel, it is said that the Israeli Prime Minister reached out via Twitter to Donald Trump. Soliciting him to intervene in the vote against Israeli settlements.

It’s fascinating to observe social media play such a unique role in global affairs. But also absolutely terrifying. Sometimes policy decisions need more than 140 characters to explain.