Should Judges Confront Big Companies for Failing to Pay Jurors for Time Off Work?

Jury duty is an obligation dreaded by some and evaded by others. Medical reasons, familial obligations, travel plans, and the loss of an income are some of excuses used to avoid jury duty. Recently, Justice Robert Goldstein of the Ontario Superior Court of Justice in Toronto wrote to Canadian Tire about their policy on payingContinue reading “Should Judges Confront Big Companies for Failing to Pay Jurors for Time Off Work?”

Should Law Society Fees Be Progressive?

Recently lawyer Elsa Ascencio @elsaasce tweeted about the Law Society fee structure. In her initial tweet she pointed out that the fees prevent her from servicing her clients. In response, many lawyers chimed in. Jessica Prince @jesshwprince tweeted that the barristers in England and Wales have a progressive fee structure based on last year’s earnings.Continue reading “Should Law Society Fees Be Progressive?”

Eliminating Waste in Your Law Practice

In the New York Times article “5-Hour Workdays? 4-Day Workweeks? Yes, Please“, Dr.Newport discusses attempts to change the way we work in the knowledge economy. He gives the example of a German entrepreneur, who put in place a 5 hour workday. Employees arrive at 8am and leave at 1pm. Employees do not work until returningContinue reading “Eliminating Waste in Your Law Practice”

Small Claims Court Jurisdiction Increased to $35,000: What does this mean for current cases?

    Currently, the most someone can ask for in Small Claims Court is $25,000. Beginning on January 1, 2020, the Small Claims Court will increase its jurisdiction from $25,000 to $35,000. Litigants who started a claim in the Superior Court can seek to transfer their case to the Small Claims Court if the amount soughtContinue reading “Small Claims Court Jurisdiction Increased to $35,000: What does this mean for current cases?”


Recently the #LawNeedsWellnessBecause hashtag was trending on Twitter. Lawyers weighed in on why mental health should be a priority. Amongst the #LawNeedsWellnessBecause tweets, the structure of how lawyers practice was pointed to as a contributor to stress, anxiety, and burnout. Despite the structural factors influencing mental health, there is almost an exclusive focus on fixingContinue reading “#LawNeedsWellnessBecause”

Ontario Bar Association: Fall Council Meeting

Over the weekend, the Ontario Bar Association held its annual Fall Council Meeting. There were several amazing speakers. President Colin Stevenson spoke about the barriers to innovation and the ways companies are overcoming these barriers. Barriers to innovation include: The solitary work of lawyers. Lawyers tend to work alone, even in large law firms. Lawyers tendContinue reading “Ontario Bar Association: Fall Council Meeting”

Court Services of the Future: Online Mediation

  In British Columbia, the Legal Services Society has launched a free, online service called “The Family Resolution Centre”. It is part of My Law BC(delivered by legal aid provider Legal Services Society). The Family Resolution Centre program of My Law BC helps separated couples create parenting plans online. The parenting plans deal with parentingContinue reading “Court Services of the Future: Online Mediation”

Blockchain Regulation and Governance Course

Blockchain and distributed ledger technology are considered by experts to be the biggest technological change since the invention of the internet. Since ancient times money has been the domain of governments. Because digital currencies such as Bitcoin are not created by governments as a central authority, and are being increasingly used to transfer wealth, regulatorsContinue reading “Blockchain Regulation and Governance Course”

Privacy Rights in the Internet Age and The New Tort of Public Disclosure of Private Facts

“Society has been scrambling to catch up to this problem [the publication of intimate photos or videos online without consent] and the law is beginning to respond to protect victims.” – Justice Stinson in Jane Doe 464533 v N.D., 2017 ONSC 127 Gradually courts have been awarding damages for the tort of public disclosure ofContinue reading “Privacy Rights in the Internet Age and The New Tort of Public Disclosure of Private Facts”

Court Forms: Should They be Eliminated?

  Court forms are confusing. They are difficult to fill in and contain legal jargon. Even worst, the guides for court forms can be hard to follow. Especially, if you do not have a strong grasp of English or an understanding of the court system. I have personally witnessed numerous people struggle with court forms,Continue reading “Court Forms: Should They be Eliminated?”