Should Law Society Fees Be Progressive?

Recently lawyer Elsa Ascencio @elsaasce tweeted about the Law Society fee structure. In her initial tweet she pointed out that the fees prevent her from servicing her clients. In response, many lawyers chimed in. Jessica Prince @jesshwprince tweeted that the barristers in England and Wales have a progressive fee structure based on last year’s earnings. … Continue reading Should Law Society Fees Be Progressive?

Eliminating Waste in Your Law Practice

In the New York Times article “5-Hour Workdays? 4-Day Workweeks? Yes, Please“, Dr.Newport discusses attempts to change the way we work in the knowledge economy. He gives the example of a German entrepreneur, who put in place a 5 hour workday. Employees arrive at 8am and leave at 1pm. Employees do not work until returning … Continue reading Eliminating Waste in Your Law Practice

The Fight Against the Attrition of Women Lawyers

“Within 5 years of being called to the bar, 57% of women and 49% of men will have left private practice. Many will move to in-house or government positions, but close to 30% (28% of women and 29% of men) will have left the practice of law entirely.” – Law Society of Alberta (2014): “Retention … Continue reading The Fight Against the Attrition of Women Lawyers

Buying Your Way into College: The Advantage of the Wealthy that Persists Past College

It’s been alleged that dozens of parents have bought their children’s way into some of America’s most prestigious colleges. As a result of these allegations, many people have been forced to confront the myth of equal opportunity in America. The image that once you are 18, you are making your own way through the world … Continue reading Buying Your Way into College: The Advantage of the Wealthy that Persists Past College

Diamond & Diamond: More Questions than Answers

Last week Diamond & Diamond was unmasked by the Toronto Star Reporter, Michele Henry. She unveiled lewd text messages between lawyer Jeremy Diamond and a staff member and revealed that the firm operated mostly as a referral service. Meaning that the firm advertised to the public and then referred the cases to other law firms … Continue reading Diamond & Diamond: More Questions than Answers

The Importance of Investigation

It has been said that the failure of a lawyer in the courtroom is the failure to critically analyze a case. Strong analysis of a case begins with proper investigation. Proper investigation requires lawyers to ask the hard questions and physically attend to the scene. Don’t believe the client. They have a vested interest in remembering … Continue reading The Importance of Investigation

What’s Your Brand?

Branding is important, even for law firms. But what is a brand? “A brand is a person’s gut feeling about a product, service, or company. It’s a GUT FEELING because we’re all emotional, intuitive beings, despite our best efforts to be rational… A brand is not what you say it is. It is what they say … Continue reading What’s Your Brand?

Targeted Legal Services Event

Today I attended the Targeted Legal Services Event, hosted by the Law Society of Upper Canada. At the event, we discussed how unbundled legal services (legal services -usually for a flat fee- for a specific task) could be an affordable option for many people and would address the ever-growing barriers to access to justice. However, … Continue reading Targeted Legal Services Event

Lessons from Betty Halbreich

I am currently reading Betty Halbreich’s memoir I’ll Drink to That. In her memoir, Ms. Halbreich recounts her life, from pampered high society lady to Bergdorf Goodman’s famous personal shopper. Ms. Halbreich began working at Bergdorf Goodman after leaving her husband in her forties. At 86, she has spent four decades working at Bergdorf Goodman and continues working … Continue reading Lessons from Betty Halbreich