Blockchain Regulation and Governance Course

Blockchain and distributed ledger technology are considered by experts to be the biggest technological change since the invention of the internet. Since ancient times money has been the domain of governments. Because digital currencies such as Bitcoin are not created by governments as a central authority, and are being increasingly used to transfer wealth, regulatorsContinue reading “Blockchain Regulation and Governance Course”

Buying Your Way into College: The Advantage of the Wealthy that Persists Past College

It’s been alleged that dozens of parents have bought their children’s way into some of America’s most prestigious colleges. As a result of these allegations, many people have been forced to confront the myth of equal opportunity in America. The image that once you are 18, you are making your own way through the worldContinue reading “Buying Your Way into College: The Advantage of the Wealthy that Persists Past College”

Banning Laptops in Law School Classrooms

Should laptops be banned in law school classrooms? Yes Should we extend this ban to juries in the courtroom? Maybe In “Laptops Are Great. But Not During a Lecture or a Meeting“, Susan Dynarski writes that research shows that: “college students learn less when they use computers during lectures. They also tend to earn worseContinue reading “Banning Laptops in Law School Classrooms”

Dodek for Dean

“Dodek for Dean” was the name of a Facebook group created years ago by adoring students. And today, it was announced that Professor Adam Dodek will be the Dean of the University of Ottawa, Faculty of Law, starting in January 2018. This honour is well deserved. Professor Adam Dodek is fair, kind, professional, and ethical.Continue reading “Dodek for Dean”

Commentary: The Lawyer, The Addict

  “The law is a jealous mistress and requires a long and constant courtship.” – US Supreme Court Justice Joseph Story in 1829 In the New York Times article “The Lawyer, the Addict”, the prevalence of addiction is discussed. Lawyers are said to one of the most depressed, anxious, unhealthy group of people. Why? TheContinue reading “Commentary: The Lawyer, The Addict”