Cost Award from Blogging: Blake v Blake

If you or your firm blogs about a court decision, then the court will infer that you knew about the case. In Blake v. Blake, 2019 ONSC 4062, Justice Daley wrote about the consequences of blogging about a case but failing to bring that case to the court’s attention. ¬†Counsel for the respondent blogged about … Continue reading Cost Award from Blogging: Blake v Blake

Civility in the Classroom

Last week I had the honour of guest lecturing at the University of Ottawa law school as the inaugural Cavanagh Williams LLP Practitioner in Residence. The topic was “Ethics in Advocacy”. It was an honour to be a part of the course “Professional Responsibility”. The lecture began with an introduction of the topic by Professor … Continue reading Civility in the Classroom

Wiki Law: Friend or Foe

Many law firms have banks of precedents to refer to for research, memos, pleadings and so on. So far there has not been any substantive effort to consolidate¬†the work online, like on Wikipedia. Such an effort would devastate the traditional legal publishing community but would be a valuable resource to lawyers and laypeople¬†alike. At the … Continue reading Wiki Law: Friend or Foe