Product Vision and Customer Experience

A product encompasses any source of value that customers obtain from your company. This extends to the customers’ experience. – The Lean Start-Up, Eric Ries In Market Discovery and Intelligence class, we learned that during product development we should contact potential customers in order to learn about what they really want and test our assumptions about customers by using … Continue reading Product Vision and Customer Experience

Targeted Legal Services Event

Today I attended the Targeted Legal Services Event, hosted by the Law Society of Upper Canada. At the event, we discussed how unbundled legal services (legal services -usually for a flat fee- for a specific task) could be an affordable option for many people and would address the ever-growing barriers to access to justice. However, … Continue reading Targeted Legal Services Event

Digital Media at the Crossroads

(Speaker- Keith Rose) Over the weekend I attended the conference Digital Media at the Crossroads: A Conference on the Future of Content in Digital Media. At the conference, Astra Taylor (author and documentary filmmaker, and activist) argued that when it comes to the media, we are in a rearrangement not a revolution. She asserted that we … Continue reading Digital Media at the Crossroads

Uber versus Driverless Cars

Right now there is a lot of hype about the taxi service Uber, especially regarding how convenient they are compared to the traditional taxi companies. However, I often wonder how Uber prepares to deal with the imminent threat of driverless cars. Google has already created and produced driverless cars. The only real barrier at this … Continue reading Uber versus Driverless Cars

Business Model Canvas: the new business plan

  The Business Model Canvas is a visual tool that allows you see to your entire business model on one page. It is supposed to be continually updated as your business progresses. The Business Model Canvas was designed by Alexander Osterwalder, as part of his PhD from HEC Lausanne. The categories in the Canvas are: customer … Continue reading Business Model Canvas: the new business plan