Product Vision and Customer Experience

A product encompasses any source of value that customers obtain from your company. This extends to the customers’ experience. – The Lean Start-Up, Eric Ries In Market Discovery and Intelligence class, we learned that during product development we should contact potential customers in order to learn about what they really want and test our assumptions about customers by using … Continue reading Product Vision and Customer Experience

Printing and Licensing 3-D Designs

The Internet is a democratizing force. In Makers, Chris Anderson (@chr1sa) writes that “the beauty of the web is that it democratized the tools both of invention and production…Computers amplify human potential: they not only give the people the power to create but can also [to] spread their ideas quickly, creating communities, markets, even movements.” … Continue reading Printing and Licensing 3-D Designs

Drones: The Next Frontier

Drones are unmanned aerial vehicles, which promise exciting business and humanitarian prospects. For example, Amazon plans to deliver packages in the future via drones. Drones also provide the capacity to deliver vaccines and supplies to hard to reach places. However, along with the fantastic business and humanitarian opportunities, drones present a real danger to the privacy … Continue reading Drones: The Next Frontier