Product Vision and Customer Experience

A product encompasses any source of value that customers obtain from your company. This extends to the customers’ experience. – The Lean Start-Up, Eric Ries In Market Discovery and Intelligence class, we learned that during product development we should contact potential customers in order to learn about what they really want and test our assumptions about customers by using … Continue reading Product Vision and Customer Experience

What the Data Tells Us

  In my Entrepreneurship Market Discovery and Intelligence Class, we have access to industry papers via MaRS Discovery District. Through this, I received access to IBIS World’s reports on the legal industry. IBIS’s research shows that: The Online Legal Services industry has experienced robust growth over the past five years. The industry has expanded at an annualized … Continue reading What the Data Tells Us

Design Thinking

In August, I participated in the Power of Entrepreneurship with Design Thinking course. Professor Steven Gedeon from Ryerson University and Professors Klaus Sailer and Florian Huber from the Strascheg Center for Entrepreneurship in Munich Germany taught the course. During the intensive week-long class, we were introduced to the design thinking process. The design thinking process … Continue reading Design Thinking