Weaponized Social Media

In the article, “Robert Mercer: the big data billionaire waging war on mainstream media” by Carole Cadwalladr, Cadwalladr discusses the power of social media. For example, Facebook can be used to predict a person’s personality. This is done by measuring 150 “likes”. “[W]ith knowledge of 150 likes, their model could predict someone’s personality better than … Continue reading Weaponized Social Media

Default settings in the Digital Afterworld

The law evolves linearly. Technology evolves exponentially. Some of the largest technology companies around today were born in this millennium. Facebook was founded in 2004. Today it has a billion active users. Twitter was founded in 2006. Today it has around 100 million users. WhatsApp was founded in 2009. Today it has 990 million users. Every day, thousands … Continue reading Default settings in the Digital Afterworld