What Happened: Hillary Rodham Clinton

“I did not want to be President because I want power for power’s sake.  I wanted power to do what I could to help solve problems and prepare the country for the future.” In the book “What Happened” Hillary Clinton analyzes the recent election and herself.  The book feels personal and vulnerable. It is fascinating. … Continue reading What Happened: Hillary Rodham Clinton

Nasty Women in the Law

Last week, the Women’s March overshadowed Trump’s Inauguration. So what was it about Hillary Clinton that people found so nasty? What was it that triggered such comments like: “such a nasty woman”? And what is it about women lawyers that trigger these attacks? Such as: “Marie Henein is a successful female lawyer at the top of her profession. … Continue reading Nasty Women in the Law

Candidness and Hard Choices

I’ve just begun reading Hillary Clinton’s book “Hard Choices”. It is a fantastic book! While reading it, I am continuously surprised by her candour. Her detailed account stands in sharp contrast to the Canadian culture of secrecy. A great example of the difference between American and Canadian cultures can be found with the law clerks and … Continue reading Candidness and Hard Choices