Banning Laptops in Law School Classrooms

Should laptops be banned in law school classrooms? Yes Should we extend this ban to juries in the courtroom? Maybe In “Laptops Are Great. But Not During a Lecture or a Meeting“, Susan Dynarski writes that research shows that: “college students learn less when they use computers during lectures. They also tend to earn worse … Continue reading Banning Laptops in Law School Classrooms

The New York Times Article that Launched a 1,000 Conversations

In the beginning of October, the New York Times published an article exposing Harvey Weinstein as a predator. Weinstein in turn threatened to sue the Times.  Then an avalanche of stories came to light, including commentary by Lena Dunham. Dunham stated that: His behavior, silently co-signed for decades by employees and collaborators, is a microcosm … Continue reading The New York Times Article that Launched a 1,000 Conversations

Tomorrow’s Law Firm

In The Future of the Professions Richard and Daniel Susskind state that we are starting to see technologies displace traditional ways of working. We are still in a transitionary phase between the era of the print-based society and the Internet based society. During this transitionary phase, traditional professionals working in conventional institutions will still be needed … Continue reading Tomorrow’s Law Firm

Wiki Law: Friend or Foe

Many law firms have banks of precedents to refer to for research, memos, pleadings and so on. So far there has not been any substantive effort to consolidate the work online, like on Wikipedia. Such an effort would devastate the traditional legal publishing community but would be a valuable resource to lawyers and laypeople alike. At the … Continue reading Wiki Law: Friend or Foe