Court Services of the Future: Online Mediation

  In British Columbia, the Legal Services Society has launched a free, online service called “The Family Resolution Centre”. It is part of My Law BC(delivered by legal aid provider Legal Services Society). The Family Resolution Centre program of My Law BC helps separated couples create parenting plans online. The parenting plans deal with parentingContinue reading “Court Services of the Future: Online Mediation”

Solving the Issue of Access to Justice by Redefining “Access to Justice”

“Justice is open to all; like the Ritz Hotel.” In the article “Clients Need Legal Services But Not Necessarily Lawyers“, Mark Cohen writes about the issue of access to justice. He points out that improving access to justice does not always mean improving access to lawyers. He refers to new products that provide legal services.Continue reading “Solving the Issue of Access to Justice by Redefining “Access to Justice””