Tomorrow’s Law Firm

In The Future of the Professions Richard and Daniel Susskind state that we are starting to see technologies displace traditional ways of working. We are still in a transitionary phase between the era of the print-based society and the Internet based society. During this transitionary phase, traditional professionals working in conventional institutions will still be needed … Continue reading Tomorrow’s Law Firm

The Medium is the Message: The transformation of legal services

In “Legal Practice and Legal Delivery: An Important Distinction”, Mark Cohen argues that technology has transformed the delivery of legal services but not the practice of law. He defines delivery as “how services are rendered” and practice as “what lawyers do and how they do it”. The delivery of legal services is a play with many … Continue reading The Medium is the Message: The transformation of legal services

Be Like Water

Technology is evolving at an exponential pace. With this growth, comes radical change in the way information is “captured, shared, and disseminated” (Richard Susskind). Now that we are in the era of communication enabled by technology, lawyers must adapt and be like water. Don’t get set into one form. Adapt it, and build your own. … Continue reading Be Like Water

Personal Plight Lawyers, Prestige, and Hierarchy

Noel Semple recently released a fantastic article about “Personal Plight Legal Practice and Tomorrow’s Lawyers.”  He writes: “Personal plight lawyers help people negotiate with and assert legal rights against other individuals, corporations, and state bodies.” Personal plight work may be the best option for Tomorrow’s Lawyers because many aspects cannot be off-shored or computerized. Individuals usually need … Continue reading Personal Plight Lawyers, Prestige, and Hierarchy

Digital Media at the Crossroads

(Speaker- Keith Rose) Over the weekend I attended the conference Digital Media at the Crossroads: A Conference on the Future of Content in Digital Media. At the conference, Astra Taylor (author and documentary filmmaker, and activist) argued that when it comes to the media, we are in a rearrangement not a revolution. She asserted that we … Continue reading Digital Media at the Crossroads

From De-equitization to Invention

An article in Lawyers Weekly “Economics forcing firms to cut ties” by Grant Cameron  discusses how firms are de-equitizing partners and sometimes keeping them on as associates. De-equitizing partners seems like a band-aid approach to a bigger problem. In attempting to navigate the changes in the legal market, Richard Susskind recommends that we ask … Continue reading From De-equitization to Invention